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The Objects in Drug Possession Crimes

Sec 11350 of the California Penal Code defines the crime of drug possession as the illegal control of a narcotic drug. Drugs by their composition affects the body when ingested. There are some helpful drugs, such as antibiotics and other prescription drugs. While there are certain prescription drugs that fall within the term controlled substances, meaning one without valid legal title over the drugs would be liable for criminal prosecution.

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The following are the drugs falling within the criminal act of drug possession:


This is a drug that stimulates the body discovered back in 1927 producing the effect of increased blood pressure, enlarged nasal and bronchial passages as well as stimulate the central nervous system. This is a regulated drug, requiring a formal prescription from a medical professional without which one would be liable. There is an illegal street drug manufactured with the same effect, with the street name “speed”, “white crosses”, “uppers”, “Crystal” among others.


This drug is derived from the coca plant that grows from the mountains of the Andes, Bolivia, Colombia, and Peru. The drug is an alkaloid stimulant and is known in street lingo as hydrochloric salt, Big C, Snow, Coke, Nose Candy, or Free Base. This is often taken in as a fine white powder and is mixed with other substances that fluctuate its affect between 5% and 50%.

A crack or Free Base

This is a derivative of cocaine and is made by heating cocaine hydrochloride with ether, ammonia or baking soda and forms white rocks. This is often smoked like a pipe and is a stimulant and hallucinogenic drug.


This is derived from lysergic acid and produces a hallucinogenic effect. IT is called acid, microdot, white lightening, sky blue, and sugar cubes. This is orally ingested or placed in the eye.


This is a mixed green, brown, or gray dried leaves of the flowering hemp plant called Cannabis. The smoking of the dried leaves causes euphoria with the active ingredient being delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. Marijuana for medical use has been deemed as an exemption to the application of this law. This is also known on the street as Ganja, Moto, Marijuana, Pot, Grass, or herb.


This is a drug derived from opium and is known as Smack, Azucar Negra, Big H, Black Tar, and others. It is often available in either a white powder or a dark brown tar-like substance. This substance can either be injected, smoked, or directly inhaled.


This is the alkaloid produced when one processes opium. It is often used as an anesthetic in the medical field because of its pain suppression abilities. It is extracted through a specific chemical process and is known on the street as Morph, Mor, St. Enma, Casa Blanca. Without a medical prescription, one can be liable for drug possession.



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